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Bora Bora is actually a Pacific area haven that will be frequently referred to as ‘paradise in the world’ and as ‘The stunning island in this field’. An element of the French Polynesian archipelago, their charm is just breathtaking.

Seen from environment, Bora Bora has-been compared to a small emerald in a setting of turquoise, encircled by a sheltering necklace of sparkling pearls. Bora Bora looks like God painted about it with a palette of bluish and green generate a heavenly photo.

The imposing Mount Otemau towers throughout the sky, overlooking the luxurious tropic hills and valleys filled with hibiscus flowers and palm-groved m


(islets) that circle the area like a fine necklace. The attractive blue lagoon showcases fish and red coral of limitless wide variety and beauty. The lovely white shores encourage visitors to a number of water-based activities.

Bora Bora airport, created by US army in 1842, is situated on a palm-fringed m


, about 20 minutes by-boat from main community of Vaitape. Various other remains of United states existence are two cannons concealed within the lavish mountains ignoring the lagoon. The view of Bora Bora from the plane is really breath-taking, however, the island itself is small and are circled by a motor vehicle within an hour.

The lagoon is gorgeous with crystal waters appearing in hues of blue and eco-friendly. For the Southeast of Bora Bora will be the red coral backyard, a natural underwater park demonstrating all kinds of seafood and red coral. Off the aim Matira is actually an area where huge Manta ray fish congregate, for fantastic watching enjoyment.

Most of the hotels on Bora Bora being constructed on the


(islets ) facing the lagoon. Hotel Bora Bora had been the master in providing ‘Over water’ bungalows over three decades back. This OTW form of holiday accommodation has become very common in French Polynesia. The hotels on the primary Bora Bora island include resort Bora Bora, the Le Moana Intercontinental and Le Maitai. The resort hotels throughout the


(islets) across the lagoon through the Intercontinental Spa Resort, the Sofitel Motu, the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort, the Le Meridien and Pearl Beach hotel.

A visit to Bora Bora is actually incomplete without having the soon after fun tasks:

Water-based Activities

The waters of Bora Bora are great for water-based activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Snorkel with friendly stingrays on your lodge beachfront. Tour providers will guide you to your finest spots for scuba and snorkeling. The area places supply solutions for surfing and additionally wind searching. Diving will be the best, cheapest and the majority of popular activity for h2o enthusiasts about island however need to be cautious about strong water currents. Jet skiing and trend working tend to be Bora Bora’s high adrenaline activities. Jet sailing is actually an equally exciting method to invest per day inside the lagoon. Another niche tasks feature water-skiing and kite browsing. Kite surfing is starting to become popular because the final half a century. It involves getting pulled on a surfboard with bands by a powerful kite.


Polynesian way of living is a classic, relaxed attitude. Bora Bora is a superb place to move away from life’s challenges and tensions.

On the list of relaxing activities are the many lagoon sightseeing cruise trips and tours. Exclusive tours or custom lagoon cruises are meant to mesmerize and flake out you with the island’s beauty and peacefulness. Glass-bottom boat flights enable you to see marine existence without acquiring wet, gliding over over unique red coral and multicolored fish.

Enjoy a sundown cruise across the lagoon while drinking on Tahitian cocktails and discover facts about the historical past and society of Tahiti.

There are coach and mini-van tours that elevates to appealing areas from the coast, where you could see ancient maraes (stone statues), vanilla extract and pearl facilities.

Another preferred option to flake out is always to go on a picnic to a single from the crystal white sandy beaches in the


and concert tour providers may organize enjoyable tasks to pep up these picnics.

It is possible to finish each and every day of tasks with a relaxing massage therapy at the numerous parlors offered.

Many people should loosen up but others can be getting adventure and enjoyment.

4×4 Safaris

The Bora Bora Island has actually a few interior streets, that are accessible just by 4-wheel drive vehicles. These types of roads happened to be slashed of the US army during ‘Operation Bobcat’ in 1940s.from all of these roadways, we could get opinions of dazzling landscapes, get close to massive seaside WW-2 defense guns and generally obtain a brand new point of view in the area.

Another fun task for every many years is para-sailing. It lasts when it comes to 10 minutes and you’ll rise 600 mts above-water. You don’t need to understand to water-ski but simply have to get

into the utilize and you’re up-and away.

The oceans off Bora Bora are rich in sea life and perfect for deep-sea sport angling. Numerous species of big game seafood can be obtained, like marlin, swordfish and giant tuna.

One of the more interesting tasks across the area is actually shark and ray eating. The majority of this feeding is performed in low seas with viewers close by at a secure range with snorkeling gear.

Hiking and trekking are also preferred tasks and mostly limited to the mountains of the inside, Pahia and Otemanu.

Isle Fun

There are additionally lots of fun tasks on Bora Bora.

You’re Nature/Eco lagoon tours or botanical walking visits along founded trails, to take pleasure from ancient and social details associated with the island and touring their archaeological views.

Then there are lagoon excursions by sailboat, outrigger canoes, plane boats and powerboats or cruisers. Additionally there is an amazing drive in an Aqua extent a remnant associated with the tasks from the famous Jacques Cousteau, where you can spy on marine existence.

An aqua-safari is another interesting experience which you can delight in without knowing to swim or snorkel. What you need to perform is always to put on a helmet and wade through the multicolor field of warm seafood.

Additionally there is a submarine into the lagoon whereby to understand more about marine existence. It has got a 360-degree view for every chairs and takes you down seriously to 75 ft from inside the lagoon seas.

There is a Bora Bora lagoonarium with host of interesting pursuits like checking out marine life, shark and ray feeding exhibitions, circle island tours, snorkeling etc.

You might like to go horseback riding along an exclusive


coastline or light tackle angling in the lagoon oceans.


For spending time and examining the area, go with long guides or employ a motorcycle and cycle around the island. Additionally there are facilities for tennis, volleyball, billiards and massage approaching.

Searching, solutions and restaurants

Through the finest black colored pearl retailers and unique arts and crafts shops to general goods, Bora features everything. You’ll find art galleries and studios showing neighborhood art. Discover fascinating gift ideas stores and boutiques with neighborhood merchandise and knick-knacks. There are certain shops offering black colored pearls, that Polynesia is well-known.

There are a number of restaurants serving all types of cuisine like French and Tahitian. You might sample your local artwork of tattooing, which goes back to several generations.

Bora Bora is a popular with honeymooners searching for scenery, relationship, exclusivity and confidentiality. It is pertaining to anyone seeking to refresh themselves in a heaven out of the house.

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